Mary Coussons-Read. Ph.D.

Hi- I’m Dr. Mary. I am so excited you are here! I am passionate about supporting driven, professional adults who are restless in their careers, their jobs, and their lives and are ready to reinvent themselves but don’t know quite what to do and how to do it. I am doing this work because I am one of those people, and I GET IT. I had an amazing career as a Professor and a scientist, held leadership positions that made a difference to the people I served, have a great family and 2 adult kids I’m super proud of, and I found myself desperately needing change in my career and personal life. I was burned out, cynical, jaded, bored, and confused about three things:

1. What to change?
2. When to change?
3. How to change?

Seems like a pretty basic set of questions when I write them out, but I had “analysis paralysis”- I worried about what my colleagues, family, friends would think if I made big changes, I was worried about whether I would be successful doing something totally different and new, and I worried that I would make the wrong decisions about what to do and when to do it. I spent my career teaching and mentoring people to develop their lives and careers, and yet, I was unable to get off the dime and figure out what I wanted and needed in my own life. I feared leaving the security of my personal and professional situations, even though I was super unhappy. I lacked the confidence and vision to make big changes and embrace the uncertainty in order to renew the joy and satisfaction in my life- which I desperately wanted to do. I was in my own way, blinded by the dark side “what if” rather than reaching for the brightness and possibilities.

It took a lot of tough conversations and examination, self-compassion, mindfulness, and, unfortunately, extreme unhappiness to get me moving and embrace uncertainty and change, but I did it, and now live in a space where I find opportunities for new experiences and fulfillment in my daily personal and professional life. By fundamentally changing my mindset and leveraging the success and tenacity that got me this far, I am in a new chapter of my life- and I wish I had taken the time to invest in myself to make this happen sooner. I want to help you find your path and walk it with confidence and curiosity. If I can do it, you can too.

So why me? Besides going through this myself (and continuing to do so), I have excellent academic and professional credentials as a Psychology Professor, University administrator, and funded researcher in Stress and Health. I am also a professionally-trained personal and career coach through the Newfield Network and the Coach Training Alliance. I have tons of experience as an executive and personal coach and mentor, but it’s not that stuff that led me to create this coaching practice. What makes me passionate about this work and why I can help you is that although I have an impressive professional career and success in my life, I have been dogged by the desire to do something different that reignites the passion and drive I used to have in my career. I am excited to be the coach and support system for my clients that I never had and that I WISH I’d had! I am not here to tell you the right path for you, but to collaborate with you and provide information to you as you take the time to plan for a future that feeds your mind, body, and spirit with a renewed sense of possibility and achievement, regardless of how you get there.

So that’s why I am here. I’ve been through it and am still dealing with the newness, excitement, and need to sustain the changes I have made. I know what you’re dealing with and how frustrating and lonely it can be, but you are not alone, and you have options- lots of them. I’m here to help you take the time you need for yourself to breathe, vent, sort it out, and figure out what to do.

Contact me for your free consultation so we can talk about what you’re dealing with. You can get your head around all this and get your whole life back. I can help.

Dr. Mary